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Sony A7RIII Tethering

The A7RIII does not natively tether within LR so the Sony Remote App must be running.  Shut down Dropbox as the Remote app does not work with it. Place the files in the Auto Import Directory of LR and import that way. The remote app has a link from the Viewer App which is in my App Alis folder.

Sony A7R III (and other Alpha bodies) Menu Settings Spreadsheet

Sonys menu settings can be daunting for a new user so I have been documenting all of the settings that I am using.  I found that valuable in the past as sometimes various firmware or repairs have erased settings so carefully set up in the past.  This spreadsheet also includes recommended settings from Tony Northrup and Mark Galer  both of whom I highly recommend. Here for the record is my starting point – I will periodically update the chart. PDF […]

Moving to Sony A7RIII for Non-Action based Photography

May 2019 marks the beginning of a new milestone for me. Although good photography is largely about the skills of the photographer however there are a few other issues that need to be considered: Resale value of existing equipment – selling it before its worthless Ability to carry heavy DSLRs and space for travel New Features – focus peeking, zebras, dynamic range, and overall image quality  I feel Canon has not kept up with Sony and Nikon is not even […]

My Standard Photo Workflow V9

I am documenting my standard workflow so that problems related to  issues with the contents of  Smart Objects (SO) can be resolved without me re-inventing the wheel each time I have a problem: Lightroom Edits should include all toning – taking full advantage of the tonal range, have minimal noise reduction and include fully adjusted Camera Raw CR sharpening with an adjusted Sharpening Mask on an image by image basis.  A LR import preset does most of this for me […]

Calibration of BenQ SW320 Monitor using i1Pro

Note: If it asks to download the latest software, be aware that when the update installation process starts, it looks hung, there is a button at the bottom right that you have to press to ‘continue’ however the button text is almost invisible.  Also ensure the Monitor is using the correct calibration preset – in the following examples I left it at Calibration 1 – next time rename it. Monitor: SW320 Calibration software 1.3.2 not working with I1Pro so I […]

Checking Sensor for Dust Spots

Set camera to Aperture Mode ISO 100 Manual Focus Highest Aperture Number on lens – F16 or larger number Photograph Monitor with a white screen (say blank word document) so that the monitor is out of focus, only dust will then be visible Examine image – preferably by importing into LR

Add Lens Flare to Precise Location

Use the info panel and move the cursor to the desired location of the flare.  Note the x,y coordinates. Create a new layer filled with black (Option Delete), Filter>Render>Lens Flair>Movie Prime and then Option Click on the preview window and enter the x,y coordinates.  Then change the blend mode to Screen.

Recover Highlight Detail – Photoshop

After recovering as much detail as possible in LR, PS will be required to complete the process for any blown highlights.  The objective is to pull grab on to even the slightest bit of contrast within the blown highlight and increase it – which by definition is to make the greys darker. First create a detailed Luminosity Mask selecting only the blown highlights.  This is best accomplished by using Select > Color Range > Highlights then setting the fuzziness to […]

Shadow/Highlight Luminosity Mast

These steps create a luminosity mask protecting the shadows: Open the Channels Panel in PS CMD+Shift+Click the RGB Channel which selects the brights. CMD+Shift+Click the RGB Channel again and more darker areas are selected (leaving only the shadows) Cmd+Option+Shift+Click selects only highlights Cmd+delete key fills the selection with Option+delete (FG/BG) or Shift+delete key for fill options.

Combine Two or More Photoshop Masks into a Single Mask

Command/control click the first mask in the Layers panel to load it as a selection (Cmd click on a Mac) Command/Control Shift click the second mask in the Layers panel to add to the existing selection (Cmd Sh click on a Mac) (At this point you will see marching ants around both selections. Don’t deselect.) Layer > Layer Mask > Delete Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection