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ARECA 8050 Raid Storage Experience

To prepare for my new Mac Pro 2013 I decided to prepare a new Areca 8050 from OWC with 21 TB of storage. OWC did a good job of shipping the equipment and I had reviewed some other posts knowing that the configuration may be problematic, so I downloaded the User Guide in advance. Here are my recommendations for anyone like myself new to the installation: a) Use Firefox not Safari b) Upgrade the firmware For the record here are […]

Viewing Thumbnails for Camera Raw Images – Windows Explorer

Problem: Can’t see contents of Camera Raw images. When printing images for some Customers, they provide me with JPEGs rather than Camera Raw image files even though their cameras have camera raw capability.  The reason quoted is that Windows does not display the camera raw file thumbnail when using Windows Explorer and thus the camera raw files are too hard to manage.  JPEGS are used instead. Solution: For those on Windows XP or Vista, you can download a Camera Raw […]

Sending Mac Mail to Windows Users (How To)

Several folks at the Northumberland Photography club (NPC) including myself, were having problems when their images appeared very small when projected at club events.  As well, some Windows  users were not able to detach imbedded images sent by Mac Mail Users.  This depended on which version of Outlook the Windows users had.   Mac users can get around these problems using the following instructions:Mac Mail to Windows User Instructions Note: when sending mail to Windows users, it is always necessary […]

Throughput of WD My Book Studio Edition II – 4TB

WD My Book Studio Edition II 62.6 Megabytes (MB) per second using Firewire 800.

Epson R1900 Printer – Paper Jams

Just got a new Epson printer – 13 x 19 inch paper.  I am pleased with the quality but it jams about 95% of the time when using large paper in the single sheet feeder at the very back.  After waisting a lot of paper ($69 for 20 sheets) I finally called Epson. They were reasonable, after 42 minutes on the phone they suggested I return the printer for an exchange. OK – so lets see if they live up […]