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How to Play High Definition Music at Home and on IOS

It looks like it may finally be the end of iTunes for me – that shamble of Apple bloatware – the great mangler of files and playlists. Let me start at the beginning with our home system and the music library, read next paragraph to skip to portable music: A few years ago  iTunes messed up our home music library for the 3rd time, so we  switched to  Audirvana  (both Mac and Windows) which works well enough and sounds great, […]

How to Delete annoying Apple Photos and Image Capture App on a Mac

Image Capture lets you a pick an app (or no app) to open when a device or Memory Card  is attached to your Mac. In Terminal enter: defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool YES  

How to Sort a Playlist on an iPod

iPods sort the order of a playlist by the order it has been added. To create a playlist in the desired order:   1) Create or sort a list of tracks as desired (perhaps by album) 2) Create a new playlist that is empty 3) Copy the Tracks from Playlist 1 to 2 4) delete 1 if no longer required

How to Build High Resolution Digital Audio System

Integrating analogue with digital audio components is complex and not well explained, so I thought I would post the results of the extensive research I conducted while recuperating from an eye problem – which allowed me time to listen carfully to music.  During my recovery I realized that the quality of our audio has degraded, it was better in the past using CDs. Years ago we converted our audio CD collection to digital files hosted on a MAC mini using iTunes.  This was streamed via ethernet […]

Mac Pro Late 2013 6,1 – Thunderbolt Sleep/Wake Problems

On March 3, 2015 I finally got my Mac Pro late 2013 to sleep/wake reliably – more than 1.25 years after Apple released it. The latest version of the Apple Thunderbolt firmware is required, Yosemite 10.10.2, and Areca 8050 Firmware & Boot Rom V1.52 2014-12-26. As well I need the latest version of Promise Pegasus R4 Firmware: 5.04.0000.36 otherwise it reported that the disk was not ejected when waking up. Here is a screen shot of my current Energy Saver […]

Clone Host Machine & Run as Virtual Machine for Testing

Problem I need to be able test software changes before applying them to my production machine.  I also don’t want to duplicate my current hardware environment or make the job too labour intensive. I could just clone all my software to another disk and reboot.  But to move back a forth between the clone and my production environment was a process I found too tedious – requiring a reboot each time I needed to check things. Solution I have decided […]

ARECA 8050 Raid Storage Experience

To prepare for my new Mac Pro 2013 I decided to prepare a new Areca 8050 from OWC with 21 TB of storage. OWC did a good job of shipping the equipment and I had reviewed some other posts knowing that the configuration may be problematic, so I downloaded the User Guide in advance. Here are my recommendations for anyone like myself new to the installation: a) Use Firefox not Safari b) Upgrade the firmware For the record here are […]

Spotlight Removable Drives (Mac)

To force spotlight to index a removable media: Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy Add the remote drive – this specifies that the drive should NOT be indexed.m  Close and reopen this screen. Then remove the removable drive from the Privacy screen.  Check spotlight (Command+Space) and it should be indexing the drive.  

How to find large files on your Mac

If you sense that your hard disk should have more free space, and you have emptied the trash and cleared out obvious problems to no avail, then follow these steps:   Open Finder. Press Command+F Left of the word Search > select the drive A drop down below the word Search should be changed to “File Size.” Other criteria are: “is greater than” and the size in MB – say 500 or 1000 Finder will then display all files exceeding […]

How to see the default font on Apple Mail – New Message Screen

Mail >Preferences > Fonts & Colors: Set Fixed-width font: to something you can see such as Helvetica 18 Select Use fixed-width font for plain text messages In Composing: Message Format: Plain Text Now every email you compose will default to Plain Text Helvetica 18 which my old tired eyes can see.  The recipient of the email will see it in their default plain text font not in the mega size you see.