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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Audirvana DAC Playback 24/88.2 kHz MQA Audio Playback

I was wondering why my MQA encoded FLAC files play at 24/88.2 kHz with Audirvana 3.2.10.  Here is an explanation that I have compiled from comments posted in this Youtube video. MQA software decoders like Audirvana Plus or the TIDAL desktop App for Win/Mac are socalled MQA core decoders and their decoding is limited to 96kHz. For a complete and full decoding of MQA files with original sampling rates higher than 96 kHz, you need either a MQA certified hardware […]

How to Play High Definition Music at Home and on IOS

It looks like it may finally be the end of iTunes for me – that shamble of Apple bloatware – the great mangler of files and playlists. Let me start at the beginning with our home system and the music library, read next paragraph to skip to portable music: A few years ago  iTunes messed up our home music library for the 3rd time, so we  switched to  Audirvana  (both Mac and Windows) which works well enough and sounds great, […]

Why I am not switching to the Canon Mirrorless (EOS R)

Feb. 5 2019 – Its About The Photographer Not The Camera Further to my earlier post in Sept 2018 I have had time to reflect on what equipment I have and the various findings published over the last few month about the Sony, Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras when compared to similar pro-consumer DSLRs. I believe that camera basically fall into two categories – still photography such as landscape, portrait, studio work and action photography such as sports and wildlife […]