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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Canon Speedlite – Turning on High Speed Sync

To allow the camera to sync the flash at any speed, press the button on the back of the flash with the “Lightning bolt H” symbol.

Web Site – completely updated has been updated to have a more modern look and now accomodates display on iOS devices.  Since Apple is dropping support for their MobileMe photo album service, I have re-designed the photo album from scratch and host it now on my site. I also sorted out all of my images.  Lots more to come for the photos over the next little while. The new site has been produced using CSS3 and HTML5 without using Flash.  Lots of hard work […]

Guidelines for Assessing Image Quality

Here is a link to a 40k word document that describes the current thinking around a draft document to assess and discuss the qualities of an image.  Although specific to photographs, it could probably be used for most two dimensional artwork. Download word doc