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How to Play High Definition Music at Home and on IOS

It looks like it may finally be the end of iTunes for me – that shamble of Apple bloatware – the great mangler of files and playlists. Let me start at the beginning with our home system and the music library, read next paragraph to skip to portable music: A few years ago  iTunes messed up our home music library for the 3rd time, so we  switched to  Audirvana  (both Mac and Windows) which works well enough and sounds great, […]

iOS hotspot how to prevent timeouts

I want to use a iPhone 5 as a wifi hotspot. I turn on hotspot on the iPhone, everything works fine till the device using the hotspot stops using it (close the cover on my iPad for example). When I open the cover of the iPad again, the connection is lost and does not restart automatically. I called Apple, they said the iPhone stops broadcasting the wifi signal after 90 seconds idle time. To prevent this use settings General > […]

Rogers – nano sim – ordering one

Obtaining a Nano Sim for Apple iPhone with Rogers. So, by happenstance I was one of the lucky people to successfully place an order and get the phone queued for delivery on Sept 21. Great – but wait what about the sim card? It turns out Rogers now carry the Nano Sims for iPhone.  They are $10 and can be obtained at Rogers Stores.  The Nano Sim is LTE compatible and works with slower speeds as well. Follow the progress […]

2D Bar Codes

I have just added three new QR Codes to my web site.  What are QR Codes.  They look like this: The purpose is to allow smartphone users the ability to quickly link to my web site or download my contact information quickly from these ‘bar code’ type symbols on print media. It puts a modern twist on print marketing – since displaying the code on my business card (or even price tags) allows people to quickly jump to my web […]