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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Fast Way to Paste File Paths for ‘Save As’ or Open Dialogue (Mac only)

Want a fast way to paste a path name on a ‘Save As’ or Open dialogue screen? Problem:  Sometimes I am viewing a directory in one Application such as Finder, but then have to manually enter that path again in another application such as word or pages in order to save to the correct directory. Solutions: Here is a method of transferring that file path using Cut and Paste: 1) In Finder, select the Directory and Command+C (copy) 2) In […]

eSATA, Thunderbolt, USB 3, Firewire, USB 2 – Whats Best

The Computer industry is adopting new interface standards to connect peripheral devices (hard disks, cameras, memory cards, etc.) in order to cope with increased file sizes from such things as new digital imaging technology, video and audio file sizes. USB 2 connections just won’t cut it any longer, they are too slow.  This post discusses the alternatives and applies to both Apple and Windows technology. For anyone with large files, the connection to Hard Disks and external devices (such as […]

Viewing Thumbnails for Camera Raw Images – Windows Explorer

Problem: Can’t see contents of Camera Raw images. When printing images for some Customers, they provide me with JPEGs rather than Camera Raw image files even though their cameras have camera raw capability.  The reason quoted is that Windows does not display the camera raw file thumbnail when using Windows Explorer and thus the camera raw files are too hard to manage.  JPEGS are used instead. Solution: For those on Windows XP or Vista, you can download a Camera Raw […]