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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Clone Host Machine & Run as Virtual Machine for Testing

Problem I need to be able test software changes before applying them to my production machine.  I also don’t want to duplicate my current hardware environment or make the job too labour intensive. I could just clone all my software to another disk and reboot.  But to move back a forth between the clone and my production environment was a process I found too tedious – requiring a reboot each time I needed to check things. Solution I have decided […]

My Standard Configuration Changes for a new Mac (Initial Setup)

Over the years I have developed preferences for how my machines are configured.  Every time I get a new machine or reload the OS, I have to remember to make the following changes, so I finally decided to document them to make the job easier: Old Mac: First if selling an old Mac here is what I need to do: Remove any licensed software Deauthorize any iTunes for this computer Use Disk Utility and erase all drives other than the Macintosh […]

ARECA 8050 Raid Storage Experience

To prepare for my new Mac Pro 2013 I decided to prepare a new Areca 8050 from OWC with 21 TB of storage. OWC did a good job of shipping the equipment and I had reviewed some other posts knowing that the configuration may be problematic, so I downloaded the User Guide in advance. Here are my recommendations for anyone like myself new to the installation: a) Use Firefox not Safari b) Upgrade the firmware For the record here are […]

Spotlight Removable Drives (Mac)

To force spotlight to index a removable media: Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy Add the remote drive – this specifies that the drive should NOT be indexed.m  Close and reopen this screen. Then remove the removable drive from the Privacy screen.  Check spotlight (Command+Space) and it should be indexing the drive.