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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Sony A7RIII Tethering

The A7RIII does not natively tether within LR so the Sony Remote App must be running.  Shut down Dropbox as the Remote app does not work with it. Place the files in the Auto Import Directory of LR and import that way. The remote app has a link from the Viewer App which is in my App Alis folder.

Sony A7R III (and other Alpha bodies) Menu Settings Spreadsheet

Sonys menu settings can be daunting for a new user.  One thing I have set up is a index of all the settings and where you can find them in the menus. Sony A7RIII Settings Sorted Alphabetically – you can download them from here: Mac Pages Format: Sony A7RIII Alphabetical Settings Rev 1 Version 2 of the above – work in progress: Sony A7RIII Alphabetical Settings Rev 2 PDF Format: Sony A7RIII Alphabetical Settings Rev 1 Excel Format: Sony A7RIII Alphabetical […]

Moving to Sony A7RIII for Non-Action based Photography

May 2019 marks the beginning of a new milestone for me. Although good photography is largely about the skills of the photographer however there are a few other issues that need to be considered: Resale value of existing equipment – selling it before its worthless Ability to carry heavy DSLRs and space for travel New Features – focus peeking, zebras, dynamic range, and overall image quality  I feel Canon has not kept up with Sony and Nikon is not even […]