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Monthly Archives: August 2015

How to Delete annoying Apple Photos and Image Capture App on a Mac

Image Capture lets you a pick an app (or no app) to open when a device or Memory Card  is attached to your Mac. In Terminal enter: defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool YES  

Lightroom forgets Import Screen Settings – Sort order always wrong

For some reason lightroom  keeps forgetting the settings on the import dialog boxes.  I set the options I want, but they are forgotten when I go back and do another Import   (sort order and organize into one folder are always unselected). In order to fix this create a new preset with the sort order and organizing to one folder selected and save the preset. The next time you use the import dialogue the import settings on the screen will default to […]

Micro Focus Adjustment – How To

As my aging eyes require a bit of help focusing (especially for nature shots) – I have found that the preset auto focus settings are NOT always reliable as released by the manufacturer for each camera body and lens. To save me time, I put the following information together from several sources,  the first section from: and the second section from Spyder Lenscal. Both Canon Micro Auto Focus and Nikon AF Fine Tune allow micro focus adjustments to calibrate a camera body […]

iMessages on Mac

  Copied from   Recently I noted that, for whatever reason, Messages on my Mac quit offering the option to send folks messages in any format but its native iMessage format. Since some of my friends, relatives and business associates are still heathens and don’t have Macs or iPhones, I had to rejigger things so I could send simple text messages. If you’re facing the same problem, here’s how you send SMS texts from OS X Messages (You’ll need […]

Lightroom Plugins – How to Manage and remove Behance, Flickr etc.

I like to get rid of the crud that Adobe clogs up the Publish services with.  To do that: Click one of the servers, in this example Bechance – Setup.  At the bottom of the screen click:Plug-n Manager … “Show in Finder” is displayed for each service by clicking on the service name.  Click the Show in Finder button. Remove the Bechance.lrplugin file.  (repeat for all undesired services). Shutdown and restart LR. Bechance and any other of the deleted services have now […]