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Lightroom Plugins – How to Manage and remove Behance, Flickr etc.

I like to get rid of the crud that Adobe clogs up the Publish services with.  To do that:

Click one of the servers, in this example Bechance – Setup.  At the bottom of the screen click:Plug-n Manager …

“Show in Finder” is displayed for each service by clicking on the service name.  Click the Show in Finder button. Remove the Bechance.lrplugin file.  (repeat for all undesired services).

Shutdown and restart LR.

Bechance and any other of the deleted services have now been removed.

For customized services, ensure they are not installed from a portable drive – as they tend to stop working if LR is started without the portable drive being mounted.  This “not working” seems to persist in other sessions.

I use “Lightroom Local Setup – don’t delete” as a folder on my boot drive to save the plugins.




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