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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Marlborough – New Zealand’s finest wine district – NZ Post 3

 We are touring the Marlborough wine country – at the north end of the South Island. NZ’s famous for its ‘young’ Sauvignon Blanc and now we are discovering that although they are still relatively new to wine making, they are also producing some quite fine Chardonnays and older ‘oaked’ Sauvignon Blanc. One of our favorite vineyards has been Cloudy Bay, which is very large, and today we discovered Seresin – a very small organic vineyard, both have wines available in […]

New Zealand Post 2

Wed Feb 23 – Martinborough NZ – North Island We arrived at our hotel yesterday afternoon to discover the small town quite distressed by the earthquake in Christchurch several hundred km to our south.  We are currently near the south end of the North Island.  Christchurch is somewhat near the north end of the South Island,  and really not that far away, however we did not feel the earthquake. Needless to say we have been affected by how much this […]

New Zealand Post 1 – Monday Feb 21

Weather in New Zealand continues to be fabulous – mid 20s with refreshing sea breezes, bright days with cloud cover off in the distance, but sunny overhead. We are ‘tramping’ (day hiking) the North island, making our way from Aukland to the ‘Northland’ (Paihia) followed by a return to Aukland and a swing around the Coromandel Peninsula and then into the central thermal area around Rotorua. Next we are off to the east coast at Napier, an art deco town, […]