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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Add Lens Flare to Precise Location

Use the info panel and move the cursor to the desired location of the flare.  Note the x,y coordinates. Create a new layer filled with black (Option Delete), Filter>Render>Lens Flair>Movie Prime and then Option Click on the preview window and enter the x,y coordinates.  Then change the blend mode to Screen.

Recover Highlight Detail – Photoshop

After recovering as much detail as possible in LR, PS will be required to complete the process for any blown highlights.  The objective is to pull grab on to even the slightest bit of contrast within the blown highlight and increase it – which by definition is to make the greys darker. First create a detailed Luminosity Mask selecting only the blown highlights.  This is best accomplished by using Select > Color Range > Highlights then setting the fuzziness to […]

Shadow/Highlight Luminosity Mast

These steps create a luminosity mask protecting the shadows: Open the Channels Panel in PS CMD+Shift+Click the RGB Channel which selects the brights. CMD+Shift+Click the RGB Channel again and more darker areas are selected (leaving only the shadows) Cmd+Option+Shift+Click selects only highlights Cmd+delete key fills the selection with Option+delete (FG/BG) or Shift+delete key for fill options.