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Calibration of BenQ SW320 Monitor using i1Pro

Note: If it asks to download the latest software, be aware that when the update installation process starts, it looks hung, there is a button at the bottom right that you have to press to ‘continue’ however the button text is almost invisible. ¬†Also ensure the Monitor is using the correct calibration preset – in the following examples I left it at Calibration 1 – next time rename it.

Monitor: SW320

Calibration software 1.3.4 now working with I1Pro.  Plug the monitor directly into the USB port on the back of the iMac and the i1Pro into the monitor.

Calibration Unit: I1Pro

Gamma 2.2

Panel: Native

Black Point:Relative

Profile Type: 16 Bits LUT


Luminance: 140

Patch: Large


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