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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Itunes Tagging   Name: Name of the Album Artist: Artists name of the Track or if the Album is all from one Artist, use Album Artist field and leave this blank Album Artist:┬áThis field is used for the name of the artist for the album as a whole, and is useful for tagging tracks from albums that have guest artists or featured artists in certain tracks. For single-artist albums, it is usually either blank or will be the same as […]

How to Sort a Playlist on an iPod

iPods sort the order of a playlist by the order it has been added. To create a playlist in the desired order:   1) Create or sort a list of tracks as desired (perhaps by album) 2) Create a new playlist that is empty 3) Copy the Tracks from Playlist 1 to 2 4) delete 1 if no longer required