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Category : Digital Lifestyle

2D Bar Codes

I have just added three new QR Codes to my web site.  What are QR Codes.  They look like this: The purpose is to allow smartphone users the ability to quickly link to my web site or download my contact information quickly from these ‘bar code’ type symbols on print media. It puts a modern twist on print marketing – since displaying the code on my business card (or even price tags) allows people to quickly jump to my web […]

How to build a quality Digital Audio System

After having several false starts, we finally figured out how to build a quality audiophile digital music system that met the following requirements: One place to store all of our music – including 400 CDs Multi room control of music selection, on/off and volume control of audio equipment Portability of music library- automobiles and cottage Reliably  Ease of Use Backup / Restore capability for computer issues See article of how to build it and our our real life experiences between iTunes and Windows […]