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How to see the default font on Apple Mail – New Message Screen

Mail >Preferences > Fonts & Colors: Set Fixed-width font: to something you can see such as Helvetica 18 Select Use fixed-width font for plain text messages In Composing: Message Format: Plain Text Now every email you compose will default to Plain Text Helvetica 18 which my old tired eyes can see.  The recipient of the email will see it in their default plain text font not in the mega size you see.

Mac Mail Attachments – Use icon rather than preview

Mac Mail uses its own guidleines for whether an attachment should display inline or as an icon. To always use an icon:   For Snow Leopard:  In Spotlight type: “terminal” and select the terminal application.  The Terminal window will open, and in that window type: defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes exit Close the Terminal window, restart mail.  Try dragging a PDF into an email, you should see an icon rather than a quickview.   For Lion: In Spotlight type: […]

Sending Mac Mail to Windows Users (How To)

Several folks at the Northumberland Photography club (NPC) including myself, were having problems when their images appeared very small when projected at club events.  As well, some Windows  users were not able to detach imbedded images sent by Mac Mail Users.  This depended on which version of Outlook the Windows users had.   Mac users can get around these problems using the following instructions:Mac Mail to Windows User Instructions Note: when sending mail to Windows users, it is always necessary […]