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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Combine Two or More Photoshop Masks into a Single Mask

Command/control click the first mask in the Layers panel to load it as a selection (Cmd click on a Mac) Command/Control Shift click the second mask in the Layers panel to add to the existing selection (Cmd Sh click on a Mac) (At this point you will see marching ants around both selections. Don’t deselect.) Layer > Layer Mask > Delete Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection

How to make new T2-secured Macs boot from external drives

Copied from: Apple’s security processor gets in the way when you’re trying to use external drives to boot from. Fix this now because if you wait until you need to restart from one, you’ll have problems. A bundle of external drives atop a Mac mini The T2 chip that Apple has been adding to new Macs does many things to help your computer be more secure —but one of them is an issue. By default, Macs with the T2 processor […]

Copy Lightroom Images Directory Structure to New Location

Every Year I plan to create a new LR Catalogue pointing to an empty clone of my Images Directory Structure then fill in images for eventual merging back to the master catalogue.  The following Unix command will create a copy of my directory structure in  /Areca-T2/LR JG Pics    to Desktop/Temporary\ Stuff – just the folders not the files. rsync -a /Volumes/Areca-T2/LR\ JG\ Pics /Users/jeffg/Desktop/Temporary\ Stuff –include \*/ –exclude \* The Folders in Temporary Stuff can then be moved to […]

Air Canada Checkin – Free 1St Bag

When using Aeroplan, I have been advised to use the kiosk and enter 0 bags, then appear at the baggage drop-off and hand them my proof of card for my plan. The AC agent should checkin the bag for free, if not ask for the manager.