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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Bryher – Day 1 on Keewaydin Island – Kennisis Lake

  Day 1 – Monday May 27, Bryher arrives at the island.  He travelled really well and didn’t make a fuss.  What a handful!  Full of beans – he has consumed our entire life – with a Terriers energy and boldness.  Healthy, happy and very bright – I am totally amazed at how fast he learns.  His Mom has a tan head and white body – pictures below.  Wire Fox Terriers typically are born with darker heads that turn lighter as […]

New Burmese On the Way

We have decided to dive in with both feet and have a male champagne kitten on hold,  born April 20th.  No name as yet.  

Setting up Mac to Share Tethered iPhone Web Service via Wifi

IOS: Plug the iPhone into the Mac using USB.  This will charge it while the phone offers tethered service. (Bluetooth should also work but will drain the battery quickly). Turn on Personal Hotspot On the Mac System Preferences>Sharing>Internet Sharing Share your connection from : iPhone USB To Computers Using: Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Options … Provide a network Name: “My Tethered Network” Select a Channel: something unique such as 36 is better than default 11 Security: WPA2 Personal Password: something 13 characters […]

How to see the default font on Apple Mail – New Message Screen

Mail >Preferences > Fonts & Colors: Set Fixed-width font: to something you can see such as Helvetica 18 Select Use fixed-width font for plain text messages In Composing: Message Format: Plain Text Now every email you compose will default to Plain Text Helvetica 18 which my old tired eyes can see.  The recipient of the email will see it in their default plain text font not in the mega size you see.