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Bryher – Day 1 on Keewaydin Island – Kennisis Lake

Pen and Crate for house training
Pen and Crate for house training


Day 1 – Monday May 27, Bryher arrives at the island.  He travelled really well and didn’t make a fuss.  What a handful!  Full of beans – he has consumed our entire life – with a Terriers energy and boldness.  Healthy, happy and very bright – I am totally amazed at how fast he learns.  His Mom has a tan head and white body – pictures below.  Wire Fox Terriers typically are born with darker heads that turn lighter as they age.

We are using the crate system to house train him, and we have learned the hard way, make sure everything is done before letting him loose into the pen.  He can play by himself with just passive supervision in the pen.

Will start getting him used to the house while supervised on a leash – expecting that to take a month!  The first night he cried a bit and then fell asleep.

Day 2- – starting to sit when he wants something like a treat.  He figured that out almost immediately.  Slept well right though the night or if he needs he asks to go out around 3:00 am.  We struggle to keep up.  A couple of misses with the house training – I let him play in the pen without taking him out first, and well I won’t do that again.  Talked to Peter and Dennis and will be keeping him in crate till we take him out and he ‘goes’ before letting play in the pen.  Also giving up on the feeding by hand, he won’t develop a schedule when fed all day.  We need to anticipate his needs and get him out before hand.  Live and learn.

Day 3 – I put a canoe out on the dock, expecting him to be wary of it  – but he hopped right in.  Starting to get his paws wet at the waters edge, exploring boats and the dock.  Fearless – if he can’t get down the steps on the front porch, he just does a “jeronomoooo” and jumps off  – falling about 3 feet without missing a beat. We try to control him but what a handful, sometimes he is just out of control if left to run too much.

Bryher - 8 Weeks old, day 1 on island.

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