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My Standard Configuration Changes for a new Mac (Initial Setup)

Over the years I have developed preferences for how my machines are configured.  Every time I get a new machine or reload the OS, I have to remember to make the following changes, so I finally decided to document them to make the job easier:

Old Mac:

First if selling an old Mac here is what I need to do:

  1. Remove any licensed software
  2. Deauthorize any iTunes for this computer
  3. Use Disk Utility and erase all drives other than the Macintosh Drive – I only use one pass to do this
  4. Reboot Cmd+R and use Disk Utility to erase the Macintosh Drive

New Mac:

0) Turn on Firewall

1) Accessibility > Display > Cursor Size > Larger

2) Desktop & Screen Saver > Hot Corners … > Put Display to Sleep

3) Keyboard > Shortcuts

Show Keyboard views in menu bar

Modifier Keys – Caps Lock:No Action

App Shortcuts:

All Applications > Sleep ^? > page Break ^ Enter

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Open as Smart Object in Photoshop… cont,opt,Cmd,E

Build 1:1 Previews    ^\CB

Purple ^\CP

Open as Smart Object in Photoshop…

bbbShow Focus Points F

4) ICC profiles from previous machine: ~/Library/Color Sync/Profiles/JG Profiles

6) Photoshop Color Space, Lightroom Configuration and ACR

7) DHCP by mac address

8) Pages Templates – drag from old version to Pages Icon to be prompted to save the template


10) Mail Font settings – see Preferences, Fonts Helvetica 18

Also Mail>Preferences>General>New Message Sound:None

11) Preferences > General > Highlight Purple, Show scroll Always, Ask to Keep, Close Windows, Recent 30

12) Keyboard Preferences > Mission Control – Turn off F12 Show Dashboard since F12 is better used by Photoshop

13) If some Apps start running automatically, in the Dock hi light the icon, press option and turn on “Start at Login” then turn it back off.

13.1) Preferences>General>Automatically hide menue bar off

13.2) Preferences>Date & Time>Clock tab>Show Date

14) My Standard Software:

Audirvana Plus – Copy Audirvana Database from Home Folder
Black magic Disk Speed Test
Blackbagick Speed Disk
Canon Utilities – DPP and EOS Utility
Carbon Copy Cloner – export all tasks then import
Clip Grab – free download from their web site
Collective (clipboard) (AS)
Compare Folders
Default Folder
DVD creator Lite
Final Cut Pro
FLAC Mp3 Converter
Focus Tune
Focus Tune
Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/    select presets (be selective)
Memento Smart Frame
Neat Image Presets and Camera Calibration
Neat Image V8
P-touch Editor
Pages 07 – default

Templates:  Finder > Menu > Go > hold down option key > LIbrary

/Library/Containers/*/Data/Library/Application Support/User Templates

* When you get to apple.iWork.Pages you will need to right click on the file > Show Package Contents

Lightroom – including presets (source: click and show in finder)

Palette Master Element
Phil Audio
Phile Audio
Photomatix – retire
Simple Mouse Locator (App Store)
Spectraview II
Topaz Glow
Topaz Studio / Impression / Gigapixel


Default Folder Settings



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