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Fast Way to Paste File Paths for ‘Save As’ or Open Dialogue (Mac only)

Want a fast way to paste a path name on a ‘Save As’ or Open dialogue screen?

Problem:  Sometimes I am viewing a directory in one Application such as Finder, but then have to manually enter that path again in another application such as word or pages in order to save to the correct directory.

Solutions: Here is a method of transferring that file path using Cut and Paste:

1) In Finder, select the Directory and Command+C (copy)

2) In the Save dialogue box (of Word for example), press Command-V. That will open a Go to Folder dialog box, with that folder path already pasted into it. When you click on the Go button (or press Return), the Save dialog will navigate directly to that folder viewed from Finder.

Using the Mouse:

– If Finder is open, just drag the Folder Name or even a File to the Save dialogue box (say of Word) and the appropriate pathj information will be entered.


– If the file is open already, example Preview, just drag the icon from the Preview title bar to the Save as dialogue box of Word, it loads the path and file name.  You can also edit the name as well and save a different version.

If for some reason you want the full text path, drag the icon from the title bar, hit Command+space (spotlight) and drag the icon to Spotlight.  The full text is entered where you can cut, paste etc.

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