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How to find large files on your Mac

If you sense that your hard disk should have more free space, and you have emptied the trash and cleared out obvious problems to no avail, then follow these steps:


  1. Open Finder.
  2. Press Command+F
  3. Left of the word Search > select the drive
  4. A drop down below the word Search should be changed to “File Size.” Other criteria are: “is greater than” and the size in MB – say 500 or 1000
  5. Finder will then display all files exceeding the size you selected
  6. You can select fields to display such as  “size”  by right click in the white heading of the finder window
  7. you can sort on size by “arrange” in the toolbar – descending
  8. you now should be viewing the largest files on the hard disk.  If you know you don’t need it, delete it and empty the trash again.
  9. you can save this search for next time

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