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Lightroom 9.3 CC – ISO Adaptive Import Preset

Lightroom 9.3 CC – ISO Adaptive Preset

When importing shots, it is possible to have Lightroom set your standard (default) settings for each shot and also modify your defaults by ISO’s.  Typically noise reduction and perhaps sharpening are adjusted by ISO but Adobe allows any setting to be adjusted by ISO.

For example for an image shot on a Sony A7 RIII at ISO 100 I use :

While at ISO 6400 I use the following – with stronger masking for sharpening and higher noise reduction (all quite dependent on the camera sensor so don’t copy my settings).


To have Lightroom apply intermediate levels to each ISO perform the following two step process.

Step 1

First select two images with a range of ISO’s.  I used one shot at ISO 100 and another at 6400 as this is covers most of the standard ISO settings I use when shooting.  These two shots would typically have identical import settings except for Noise Reduction which varies by ISO.


Now create an Adaptive ISO Preset which will alter the noise reduction/sharpening so that it is incremented equally across  the ISO range you selected ( in my example 100, 125, 160 … 6400):

–  In the Develop Module, go to the preset panel on the left and hit the + to create a new preset
–  With the two images selected (100 & 6400) select the settings that would be typically included in any import preset as per the example below.
– Make sure to select “Create ISO adaptive preset” at the bottom of the preset window
– Save the Preset with a name that identifies the camera and ISO range.

Step 2

Now set Lightroom CC so that it uses that new preset at import time:

Within Preferences>Presets Tab:set the following:

Master: This is your default for any setting that is not subsequently defined in other subsequent presets.  You therefore could set most of the desired settings in Master and then just override noise settings by Camera and ISO.

Override master setting for specific cameras must be selected.

Then select the Camera and click the Update Default which will then add the camera model to the right hand box.

From this right hand box select the preset created from step 1.

Do this for each camera.

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