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Sony A7RIII Memory Cards Speed Test – June 2019

SD Cards speeds measured using Blackmagicdesigns disk speed test using the iMac Pro SDXC UHS‑II card slot conveniently located on the back of the monitor:

  •  128GB U3 2000x 300MB/s SD card II has a write speed of 175.2 MB/s and read speed of 254.1 MB/s.
  • 64GB SanDisk Extreme I  U3 – W:55.4 R:43.3

When using thePro Grade USB-C card the speed drops

  • 128GB U3 2000x 300MB/s SD card II  W:39.7 and R:43.2 – no idea why its so slow
  • 64GB SanDisk Extreme I  U3 – W:38.9 R:43.3

When directly connecting the Sony A7RII via USB-C – Mass Storage Mode

  •  128GB U3 2000x 300MB/s SD card II:11.7 R:31.8
  • 64GB SanDisk Extreme I  U3 – W:9.9 R:31.9

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