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Lightroom Get Around 4Gig TIFF Limit

When editing files from LR to PS – over the course of time some files grow and exceed the 4gig TIFF limit as layers are added and in this case a TIFF file already exists in LR that can’t be re-saved.   In this case the following workaround is available:

  1. You likely just received an error in PS stating the file can’t be saved because it exceeds 4 Gig
  2. In PS:   Edit>Duplicate.  This creates a new UNSAVED File in a new tab.  The old TIFF tab is still open.
  3. Save the new file as a PSB (Large File with all layers) – in the same location as the original TIFF file.
  4. Switch to the Original Tab – this should be a TIFF file.
  5. File Place Linked – select the new PSB file.
  6. Delete all of the other layers in this TIFF tab (as they are now imbedded into the PSB).
  7. Save the TIFF file.  This will now show up in LR with the contents of the larger PSB file.

Keeping both PS tabs open (the TIFF with the Link) and the PSB (with the layers) will update the TIFF every time the PSB is saved (at least on a Mac – maybe not on Windows).   This has pros and cons as the rendered image will appear in the TIFF but this takes some time and you will see a “updating type of message”.  Saving the updated tiff will update LR.  To avoid this delay, close the TIFF tab in PS and only update the tiff by opening it in LR when you have completed the updates in the PSB.

Another somewhat ass backwards approach if the original file is not already a TIFF:

  1. Save original file as PSB (Photoshop Big)
  2. In the Original File Command-A to select all pixels in the canvas (to grab the image dimensions)
  3. Edit>Copy Merged (puts image into clipboard
  4. File New (should have dimensions from steps 2+3 above
  5. File > PlaceLinked
  6. Save New File in same folder as Original as a TIFF file (don’t over write the PSB) and Include “Linked” in the filename
  7. LR > Sync to bring in the New Linked TIFF File.
  8. To Edit the large file from LR, open the smaller Linked TIFF file then double click on the Linked Layer.
  9. To view changes to the Original File,  the linked TIFF file must be opened and the Linked Layer Right Click> Update Modified Content

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