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Power Consumption Mac Pro 2013 vs 2009

Using a “Kill a Watt” measuring device.

I plugged the UPS power cord into into the Kill A Watt and took measurements 

Computer Running Idle Sleep Pegasus R4  Pegasus R4  & Aerca Mac Pro Net
Just UPS With 2 Drive Units Running UPS fully charged UPS Fully Charged UPS Fully Charged UPS Fully Charged
MAC Pro 2013 38 Watts 234 Watts No possible at this time 80 Watts 108 Watts 126 Watts
4 Internal Drives
Mac Pro 2009 20 Watts 181 Watts 107 Watts na


Without sleep mode on the Mac Pro 213 I am burning through about 234 watts unnecesarily if I forget to shut down.

Thats not to mention that I still have the Mac Prol  2009 running – usually idle.



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