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Category : Snow Leopard

Mac Red Close Button and Safari Tabs non responsive

For some time both my Macpro and Macbook would have windows that I could not close or Safari would have tabs that I could not close. Turns out the problem is very common and frustrating.  The solution is to change the Double Click speed to something rather high in trackpad preferences. Note: this problem can be reproduced by clicking between the Red and Yellow buttons on the top left of a window.  Those buttons are now non responsive till the […]

How to Synchronize Notes from Mac to iPhone

Its handy to have a note created on either a Mac or iPhone transfer to the other device using Synchronization.  For now Apple appears to rely on iTunes (not Mobile Me) to manage this or you can search for 3rd party tools.  Here is how to do it in iTunes. Create Note from a Mac: Use Mail application > File > New Note.  Create the contents of the note in any manner you wish.  Loading an address actually opens the […]