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Lightroom Speed Improvement

I have made a number of changes to my system lately and over the last few months Lightroom has consistently slowed down. This fix seemed to have the greatest impact though I can’t say I see how it could improve performance, it certainly has.

Add administrator permissions to the following folders or files (CMD-I on folders or files) 

1) Go> Go to Folder:  /Library 

  • Logs/Adobe
  • Caches/com.adobe.LightroomClassicCC7
  • preferences/com.adobe.lightroomClassicCC7.plist
  • Application supports/Adobe/Lightroom CC

2) Go> Go to Folder: /users 

  • Users/Shared/Adobe

3) Purge cache (launch Lightroom and go into Preferences)

Lightroom> Preferences>Performance

  • Camera Raw Cache Settings:  Purge Cache (click that button)
  • View Cache Settings:  Purge Cache (click that button)

4) Optimize Catalogue (within Lightroom)

File> Optimize Catalog

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