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Photoshop How to remove Edge Fringe

To remove a fringe (often caused by sharpening or HDR high contrast edges):

  1. Create a mask of the object with the Fringe (example Mountains)
  2. If the mask is fuzzy or needs to be enlarged or contracted: Option Click the mask then: Image > Adjustments > Curves and correct the edge of the mask so that it reveals the Fringe and protects the  image, typically by adjusting the white point.  (Create a higher contrast mask).  Its also possible to select the Mask (Cmd+Click mask) and Select > Modifiy > Expand/Contract.
  3. Now edit the Image with the Smudge tool, pushing the pixels from the image area (example Sky) into the Fringe area.  Adjust the size of the Smudge Tool as required. 

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