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Canon 5D Mark IV Tether Problems: EOS Utility 3.5.10 Crashes / Lightroom Tether Stops Importing

Problem:  Lightroom and EOS Utility 3 will not import tethered images using USB 3 connection from Canon 5D IV.  First couple of images transfer to PC then stop.

Solution: Turn off WIFI and FCP transfer in the camera.   Communication Settings > Built in Wireless and then FTP Settings should be disabled.

Even though all software was upgraded to latest version, tethering from 5D IV caused connection issues to Lightroom or EOS Utility.

EOS Utility reported lost connection then disappears.  Lightroom reports file transfer in progress but only a few files are transferred then LR receives no further tethered images.

Mac: 10.11.6

Lightroom: 2015.8 (Latest CC release as of Dec 14, 2016)

Canon 5d IV:  Firmware 1.03

EOS Utility 3.5.10


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