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Lightroom 6 CC 2015.1 – Canon 5Ds and 5DsR Tether – Mac, Windows and Capture One Problem Fixed (Solved)

The USB  tethering for LR 6 CC was not working for this 5DSR – it cycles as if it connects then disconnects every second.

Adobe is using an old version of code from Canon – simply copy the Canon code from EOS Utility V3 to the correct location for LR to use.

(Update – on Jan 6/2016 I updated to DPP 4 and this broke the LR tether again. I had to restore from DPP 3).

Capture One: Here is a link to fix Capture One where I sourced the fix and adapted it for LR:

Windows LR: (about half way down the post)

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 17.45.05Mac – Step by Step Instructions:

1) Download EOS Utility 3.2.21 (or higher) and install.

2) Right Click on LR Icon in Dock select Option > Show In Finder

3) Click on Adobe LR and Show Package Contents (as per the example on the right).

4) in Finder navigate to:

/Applications/Adobe Lightroom/Adobe

Click on Adobe, right click – show package contents

Click on /Contents/PlugIns/tether-canon-plugin.lrplugin right click – show package contents

Click on /Contents/PlugIns/tether-canon-app right click – show package contents

Click on /Contents/Frameworks/EDSDK.framework/Versions/A

Create a folder called “archive” and copy the contents of folder “A” to Archive as a backup in case you need to restore.

5) Now open a new Finder window and navigate to:

/Applications/Canon Utilities/EOS Utility/EU3/EOS Utility right click – show package contents


Copy the contents of folder A to the folder in step 4.  (a total of 5 items).

6) Start LR, tethering should work now.

Hope this helps – its working perfectly for me.

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