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Mac – revert 2013 Pages,Keynote,Numbers to iWork 09

Until Apple returns basic functionality to the dumbed down versions of 2013 iWork products, here is how to return the defaults  to the 09 iWork versions.

The following example is for Pages, but works with Pages, Numbers, Keynote …

1) In the /Applications folder delete and empty the trash

2) select any Pages data file (from your Documents Folder for example) and press Command+I

3) In the Info Panel, select “Open with -> Other”, then select from the iWork 09 Folder.

4) Test by double clicking on a pages document.  .doc and .docx file extensions will need to be applied in a similar manner if you want pages to open those document (rather than MS Word).

Note: Software Update will still download the updates for 2013 iWork products, this does not seem to cause issues.


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