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Pippin – Day Two at Keewaydin Island

Pippin has officially joined the family – making his way from Montreal to the island on July 11, 2013.  He is tiny, just over 3 lbs but growing fast.  Not exactly enthusiastic about Bryher – but on July 17 they had a nose touch together and it was uneventful. So we are optimistic that everyone is going to get along.  Click the picture for a larger version.

Pippin Day 2-003-37866 Pippin Day 2-003-37867 Pippin Day 2-003-37903 Pippin Day 2-003-37957 Pippin Day 2-003-37985 Pippin Day 2-003-37998 Pippin Day 2-003-38018 Pippin Day 2-003-38089 Pippin Day 2-003-38149


Bryher is now 14 weeks and continues to grow like a weed.  He is also bulking up, getting incredibly strong and started swimming with us on July 17.  He is not exactly a water dog, but has fun all the same and looks like he will be a good enough swimmer if he falls out of the boat (or canoe again, and again and again).  His puppy undercoat is still attached but the outer wire hair is starting to come in, so he’s in this ‘in between look right now.

Pippin Day 2-003-38262-PS-00535 Pippin Day 2-003-38267

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