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Audirvana DAC Playback 24/88.2 kHz MQA Audio Playback

I was wondering why my MQA encoded FLAC files play at 24/88.2 kHz with Audirvana 3.2.10.  Here is an explanation that I have compiled from comments posted in this Youtube video. MQA software decoders like Audirvana Plus or the TIDAL desktop App for Win/Mac are socalled MQA core decoders and their decoding is limited to 96kHz. For a complete and full decoding of MQA files with original sampling rates higher than 96 kHz, you need either a MQA certified hardware […]

How to Play High Definition Music at Home and on IOS

It looks like it may finally be the end of iTunes for me – that shamble of Apple bloatware – the great mangler of files and playlists. Let me start at the beginning with our home system and the music library, read next paragraph to skip to portable music: A few years ago  iTunes messed up our home music library for the 3rd time, so we  switched to  Audirvana  (both Mac and Windows) which works well enough and sounds great, […]

Why I am not switching to the Canon Mirrorless (EOS R)

I have decided not to purchase the first version of the Canon R series body as it doesn’t seem to be enough of an improvement over  the image quality of the canon cameras I already own such as  5D IV, 5DSR or 1dx II.  Here’s why: dynamic range has not improved (still well behind Nikon by 2 EV, 1EV less than Sony) size and weight not significantly improved – may be worse as new lenses are heavy/bulky yet faster with […]

Canon 5D Mark IV Tether Problems: EOS Utility 3.5.10 Crashes / Lightroom Tether Stops Importing

Problem:  Lightroom and EOS Utility 3 will not import tethered images using USB 3 connection from Canon 5D IV.  First couple of images transfer to PC then stop. Solution: Turn off WIFI and FCP transfer in the camera.   Communication Settings > Built in Wireless and then FTP Settings should be disabled. Even though all software was upgraded to latest version, tethering from 5D IV caused connection issues to Lightroom or EOS Utility. EOS Utility reported lost connection then disappears. […]

Go with the glow: How to effectively use Orton Layers in post processing

Have you ever wondered how some of the top landscape photographers achieve that dreamy yet sharp look? It’s actually quite simple. In this article you will find a step-by-step guide to creating, refining and using the ‘Orton layer’ in your post processing workflow. Read more Source: Go with the glow: How to effectively use Orton Layers in post processing

Customizing the Default Setting for ACR and Lightroom

I have customized my default processing settings for Lightroom in order to apply both Enable Profile Corrections and Remove Chromatic Aberration on import. To do this, I selected a raw image, moved to the Develop module, and clicked the Reset button to remove any previous edits made to the file. Then, I checked both the… Source: Customizing the Default Setting for ACR and Lightroom

Canon Digital Lens Optimizer(DFO) and Digital Photo Professional (DPP 4) Noise Reduction / Sharpening much better than Lightroom 6.

In Jan 2016, I started testing Canon’s Digital Lens Optimizer (DFO) which unfortunately can only be activated with Canons Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software –  Canons simple camera raw processor – Canons much simpler variation of Lightroom. DFO is designed to remove digital colour noise (especially at low aperture numbers such as F2.8) , correct vignetting (darkened corners), prevent diffraction at high aperture numbers (greater than 16) and remove colour noise at high ISOs for modern Canon EOS bodies with […]

How to mix Canon Speedlites with non Canon Studio Strobes without additional Equipment (Sync Canon and Non Canon Equipment).

I have a mix of standard studio slave flashes and Canon Speedlites (430 EX IIs and 600EX RT) – this allows great flexibility for outdoor and indoor work (studio) however it was challenging to get this equipment to work well together.  The  problem is that the non Canon equipment would not sync with the Canon Slaves and would flash too soon. There are many solutions to this problem – all of which require buying more equipment (for example I could switch […]

Show Focus Points Plugin for Lightroom

A great plug for Lightroom – displays the Focus points as seen in the viewfinder during post processing.  Helps perfect focus issues especially during flash shooting when the light is dim and the correct focus is difficult to see in the dark. So far its free. Source: Show Focus Points Plugin for Lightroom

How to disable unconfirmed contact email suggestions | Macworld

El Capitan and iOS 9 has become perhaps too helpful in offering ideas to you when you’re trying to address an email. Source: How to disable unconfirmed contact email suggestions | Macworld

How to fix typing two capitals in a row at a word’s start | Macworld

A reader would like to have Word’s auto-correct feature work elsewhere when mistyping two uppercase letters in a row. Source: How to fix typing two capitals in a row at a word’s start | Macworld

Hands-on with Spaces, Mission Control, and Split View in El Capitan | Macworld

Learn how to use these features in El Capitan to make your desktop more manageable. Source: Hands-on with Spaces, Mission Control, and Split View in El Capitan | Macworld

Kinek – ship stuff from USA to Canada

Kenek – ship stuff from USA to Canada – Canadian Boarder Pickup Source: Kinek – Alternate Delivery Network

How to address over sharpening

I often receive over sharpened images from my clients. As suggested by: Grossly over-sharpened images can sometimes be partially recovered in Photoshop by (i) duplicating the layer, (ii) applying a gaussian blur of 0.2-0.5 pixels to this layer 2-5 times, (iii) setting the blending mode of this top layer to “darken” and (iv) potentially decreasing the layer’s opacity to reduce the effect.

Put Save As Back on the File Menu

Do you miss the Save As command that was replaced on the File menu by Duplicate? Many long-time Mac users do, and if the fix escaped your notice back in 2012, now’s your chance to put your Mac back the way you want it. Source: Put Save As Back on the File Menu Camera Strap 

Put the “R” on the Right and use it as a separate strap put over the head in the same orientation. Source: Home of The Original Camera Sling™ – Videos features Canon DSLR Camera and Lens Reviews, News, Deals and Tips

Read clear, detailed Canon DSLR camera, lens and accessories reviews, get the latest Canon and Nikon news, browse sample picture galleries, learn from photography tips! is all about you! Source: features Canon DSLR Camera and Lens Reviews, News, Deals and Tips

UPSforLESS – APC SmartUPS & Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Backup Experts – APC BackUPS

APC BackUPS UPS’s Source: UPSforLESS – APC SmartUPS & Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Backup Experts – APC BackUPS

The Eagle has risen: Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula | ESA/Hubble

The Eagle has risen: Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula Source: The Eagle has risen: Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula | ESA/Hubble

Photoshop Targeting Layers via the Keyboard in Photoshop – Great for Actions

• Option + “[“ or “]” (Mac) | Alt + “[“ or “]” (Win) targets the layer above or below the currently targeted layer. • Option + Shift + “] “or + “[“ (Mac) | Alt + Shift + “] “or + “[“ (Win) adds the next layer up or down to the targeted layer(s) (note when you get to the top or bottom of the layer stack, Photoshop will “wrap around” to continue adding/subtracting layers). • Option  + “,“ […]

Lightroom HDR Findings – 5 shot HDR produces better tone in LR

Testing shots in Folder: 2015-11-18 Absolute Avenue Mississauga Even though J. Kost stated that LR uses on two shots, I ran a 5 shot HDR through (-2,-1,0,+1,+2) using LR and 5 seem to have a smoother tonal result. 1,2,3,4,5 processed by LR HDR and it is the best. 1-5 1,5 processed by LR HDR 1&5 and its tone is not as smooth as using 5 shots 1,2,3 processed by LR HDR 1-3 and its  dark as only the -2 to 0 ev were […]

The City Lights in New York at Night.

This is a Heading Tag Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur […]

The World is a Beautiful Place

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Taking Advantage of Amazing Views

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How to Delete annoying Apple Photos and Image Capture App on a Mac

Image Capture lets you a pick an app (or no app) to open when a device or Memory Card  is attached to your Mac. In Terminal enter: defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool YES  

Lightroom forgets Import Screen Settings – Sort order always wrong

For some reason lightroom  keeps forgetting the settings on the import dialog boxes.  I set the options I want, but they are forgotten when I go back and do another Import   (sort order and organize into one folder are always unselected). In order to fix this create a new preset with the sort order and organizing to one folder selected and save the preset. The next time you use the import dialogue the import settings on the screen will default to […]

Micro Focus Adjustment – How To

As my aging eyes require a bit of help focusing (especially for nature shots) – I have found that the preset auto focus settings are NOT always reliable as released by the manufacturer for each camera body and lens. To save me time, I put the following information together from several sources,  the first section from: and the second section from Spyder Lenscal. Both Canon Micro Auto Focus and Nikon AF Fine Tune allow micro focus adjustments to calibrate a camera body […]

iMessages on Mac

  Copied from   Recently I noted that, for whatever reason, Messages on my Mac quit offering the option to send folks messages in any format but its native iMessage format. Since some of my friends, relatives and business associates are still heathens and don’t have Macs or iPhones, I had to rejigger things so I could send simple text messages. If you’re facing the same problem, here’s how you send SMS texts from OS X Messages (You’ll need […]

Lightroom Plugins – How to Manage and remove Behance, Flickr etc.

I like to get rid of the crud that Adobe clogs up the Publish services with.  To do that: Click one of the servers, in this example Bechance – Setup.  At the bottom of the screen click:Plug-n Manager … “Show in Finder” is displayed for each service by clicking on the service name.  Click the Show in Finder button. Remove the Bechance.lrplugin file.  (repeat for all undesired services). Shutdown and restart LR. Bechance and any other of the deleted services have now […]

Lightroom 6 CC 2015.1 – Canon 5Ds and 5DsR Tether – Mac, Windows and Capture One Problem Fixed (Solved)

The USB  tethering for LR 6 CC was not working for this 5DSR – it cycles as if it connects then disconnects every second. Adobe is using an old version of code from Canon – simply copy the Canon code from EOS Utility V3 to the correct location for LR to use. (Update – on Jan 6/2016 I updated to DPP 4 and this broke the LR tether again. I had to restore from DPP 3). Capture One: Here is a […]

CLIC 2015 – Three Shots Accepted – Two first place and Once Second Place in Show

Updated: July 25, 2015 Yesterday the winners of the CLIC show were announced. I was honoured to receive 1st place for the  Monochrome and Alternate Reality Categories and second place in the Colour Category.

Lightroom 6 CC – Startup Issues / First Impressions/ Whats New

On April 21, 2015 Adobe released Lightroom 6.  I downloaded it and promptly found I could not start it.  I would see the splash screen for an instant and then nothing.  The solution to that problem is here. (instructions logoff of Adobe Creative Cloud and back in again). If you are part of the monthly CC version, you can download LR6 at no additional charge from the Creative Cloud App. If you wish to purchase LR 6 outright – Adobe seems to […]

Mac Finder – Change the Size Each Column (Default)

When in Finder Column view its handy to have the default set a bit larger.  At the bottom of the window hold the OPTION key while dragging the || handle to the desired size.  Right click || to Right Size all Columns Individually (which would be a nice default if I could figure that out). At the bottom of the Finder window

Lightroom – Reports no Trash on Drive

Lightroom incorrectly reports that there is no Trash folder (or ability to restore deleted images).  Believe it or not, all you have to do is within Finder, create a folder on the Root of your image library (where the images are stored, not the Catalogue if they are different) and delete it within Finder.  Seems to fix problem.

Duplicating Images in Lightroom

Sometimes its helpful to make an exact duplicate of a file in LR – most commonly to start a new variation of an image.  LR is designed to prevent duplicates (normally thats a good thing) but every now and then its helpful to create a duplicate.  The easiest method is to Export the image to another directory – preferably one already established into LR.  LR then automatically imports the image into the catalogue with any adjustments as per the original. […]

Where to Purchase High Definition Audio in Canada

The following sites provide high definition audio content to Canada:    (not available in Canada yet, keep testing)   May not be beyond Red Book quality.

Itunes Tagging   Name: Name of the Album Artist: Artists name of the Track or if the Album is all from one Artist, use Album Artist field and leave this blank Album Artist: This field is used for the name of the artist for the album as a whole, and is useful for tagging tracks from albums that have guest artists or featured artists in certain tracks. For single-artist albums, it is usually either blank or will be the same as […]

How to Sort a Playlist on an iPod

iPods sort the order of a playlist by the order it has been added. To create a playlist in the desired order:   1) Create or sort a list of tracks as desired (perhaps by album) 2) Create a new playlist that is empty 3) Copy the Tracks from Playlist 1 to 2 4) delete 1 if no longer required

How to Build High Resolution Digital Audio System

Integrating analogue with digital audio components is complex and not well explained, so I thought I would post the results of the extensive research I conducted while recuperating from an eye problem – which allowed me time to listen carfully to music.  During my recovery I realized that the quality of our audio has degraded, it was better in the past using CDs. Years ago we converted our audio CD collection to digital files hosted on a MAC mini using iTunes.  This was streamed via ethernet […]

Mac Pro Late 2013 6,1 – Thunderbolt Shutdown Problems Mavericks 10.9.4

Note: on July 9 2014 I started this new post describing shutdown problems – if you are running anything before 10.9.3 see: This new post describes the problems with 10.9.4 as of July 9, 2014. Current Situation: The Areca 8050 will not shut down properly if the Mac Pro is Shutdown.  Instead, the fan on the 8050 runs on high and it appears to be shutting down but does not. 1)  The Mac Pro sleeps normally as of 10.9.4 if […]

Accepted at Annual Juried Show – Arts Council Northumberland – Victoria Hall

My piece is entitled “Webs in the Mist” was accepted into the 2014 juried show at Victoria Hall – Cobourg ON. It was quite an honour – I was told there were over 400 entries. The shots were photographed in Oct 2013 at an Algonquin NPC (photo club) trip.  Thanks to Allan Short for organizing this, I don’t think I would have been motivated to get out shooting on such a cold fall weekend otherwise. The photograph is a ‘pano’ of […]

Power Consumption Mac Pro 2013 vs 2009

Using a “Kill a Watt” measuring device. I plugged the UPS power cord into into the Kill A Watt and took measurements  Computer Running Idle Sleep Pegasus R4  Pegasus R4  & Aerca Mac Pro Net Just UPS With 2 Drive Units Running UPS fully charged UPS Fully Charged UPS Fully Charged UPS Fully Charged MAC Pro 2013 38 Watts 234 Watts No possible at this time 80 Watts 108 Watts 126 Watts   4 Internal Drives Mac Pro 2009 20 […]

Mac Pro Late 2013 6,1 – Thunderbolt Sleep/Wake Problems

On March 3, 2015 I finally got my Mac Pro late 2013 to sleep/wake reliably – more than 1.25 years after Apple released it. The latest version of the Apple Thunderbolt firmware is required, Yosemite 10.10.2, and Areca 8050 Firmware & Boot Rom V1.52 2014-12-26. As well I need the latest version of Promise Pegasus R4 Firmware: 5.04.0000.36 otherwise it reported that the disk was not ejected when waking up. Here is a screen shot of my current Energy Saver […]

Clone Host Machine & Run as Virtual Machine for Testing

Problem Various software changes with print drivers have caused me major headaches, to the point that I can’t print at all. In working on fixing these issues, I have lost all of my print dialogue presets .  To prevent these problem,  I need to be able test software changes before applying them to my production machine.  I also don’t want to duplicate my current hardware environment or make the job too labour intensive. I could just clone all my software […]

My Standard Configuration Changes for a new Mac (Initial Setup)

Over the years I have developed preferences for how my machine is configured.  Every time I get a new machine or reload the OS, I have to remember to make the following changes, so I finally decided to document them to make the job easier: Old Mac: First if selling an old Mac here is what I need to do: Remove any licensed software Deauthorize any iTunes for this computer Use Disk Utility and erase all drives other than the Macintosh […]

ARECA 8050 Raid Storage Experience

To prepare for my new Mac Pro 2013 I decided to prepare a new Areca 8050 from OWC with 21 TB of storage. OWC did a good job of shipping the equipment and I had reviewed some other posts knowing that the configuration may be problematic, so I downloaded the User Guide in advance. Here are my recommendations for anyone like myself new to the installation: a) Use Firefox not Safari b) Upgrade the firmware For the record here are […]

Spotlight Removable Drives (Mac)

To force spotlight to index a removable media: Preferences>Spotlight>Privacy Add the remote drive – this specifies that the drive should NOT be indexed.m  Close and reopen this screen. Then remove the removable drive from the Privacy screen.  Check spotlight (Command+Space) and it should be indexing the drive.  

Mac – revert 2013 Pages,Keynote,Numbers to iWork 09

Until Apple returns basic functionality to the dumbed down versions of 2013 iWork products, here is how to return the defaults  to the 09 iWork versions. The following example is for Pages, but works with Pages, Numbers, Keynote … 1) In the /Applications folder delete and empty the trash 2) select any Pages data file (from your Documents Folder for example) and press Command+I 3) In the Info Panel, select “Open with -> Other”, then select from the iWork 09 […]

Save PDF to Dropbox Web Receipts Folder

A few quick notes on how to change the Print to Web Receipts Folder for Dropbox: In Finder: Go to \Library\PDF Services Add alias “Save PDF to Dropbox Web Receipts” pointing to DocumentsDropbox\Web Receipts All web receipts will now be synced via Dropbox. Inspiration for this came from The technical times of Michael Andrews: OSX has a nice button on the the print dialog box labeled “PDF”. This allows you to open, fax, and save any printable document as a PDF. […]

Clic 2013 – Top Prize – Best in Show

I was quite honoured to win best in show for one of my Palouse shots – Farming Chocolate.  Read all about it.    

How to find large files on your Mac

If you sense that your hard disk should have more free space, and you have emptied the trash and cleared out obvious problems to no avail, then follow these steps:   Open Finder. Press Command+F Left of the word Search > select the drive A drop down below the word Search should be changed to “File Size.” Other criteria are: “is greater than” and the size in MB – say 500 or 1000 Finder will then display all files exceeding […]

Pippin – Day Two at Keewaydin Island

Pippin has officially joined the family – making his way from Montreal to the island on July 11, 2013.  He is tiny, just over 3 lbs but growing fast.  Not exactly enthusiastic about Bryher – but on July 17 they had a nose touch together and it was uneventful. So we are optimistic that everyone is going to get along.  Click the picture for a larger version.   Bryher is now 14 weeks and continues to grow like a weed. […]

Pippin June 16, 2013

Mr. Pippin and his best friend Justin. [doptg id=”1″]

A Name for our new Burmese

We finally have been able to settle on a name for our new Burmese who will be called Pippin.  Mr. Pippin is scheduled to arrive mid July by which time Mr. Bryher will hopefully have settled down a bit.

Bryher at Ten Weeks

  Bryher at ten weeks.  Still full of beans.  Click the image for larger version.    

Bryher – Day 1 on Keewaydin Island – Kennisis Lake

  Day 1 – Monday May 27, Bryher arrives at the island.  He travelled really well and didn’t make a fuss.  What a handful!  Full of beans – he has consumed our entire life – with a Terriers energy and boldness.  Healthy, happy and very bright – I am totally amazed at how fast he learns.  His Mom has a tan head and white body – pictures below.  Wire Fox Terriers typically are born with darker heads that turn lighter as […]

New Burmese On the Way

We have decided to dive in with both feet and have a male champagne kitten on hold,  born April 20th.  No name as yet.  

Setting up Mac to Share Tethered iPhone Web Service via Wifi

IOS: Plug the iPhone into the Mac using USB.  This will charge it while the phone offers tethered service. (Bluetooth should also work but will drain the battery quickly). Turn on Personal Hotspot On the Mac System Preferences>Sharing>Internet Sharing Share your connection from : iPhone USB To Computers Using: Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Options … Provide a network Name: “My Tethered Network” Select a Channel: something unique such as 36 is better than default 11 Security: WPA2 Personal Password: something 13 characters […]

How to see the default font on Apple Mail – New Message Screen

Mail >Preferences > Fonts & Colors: Set Fixed-width font: to something you can see such as Helvetica 18 Select Use fixed-width font for plain text messages In Composing: Message Format: Plain Text Now every email you compose will default to Plain Text Helvetica 18 which my old tired eyes can see.  The recipient of the email will see it in their default plain text font not in the mega size you see.

A new Chapter – New Pup and Kitty Planned

After 16 great years with our wonderful friend and family member we had to say good-bye to Willow – our Burmese cat on March 25, 2013. Willy had little time or patience for dogs so we put off including a dog in the family. With his passing – a new chapter in our lives begins and we have decided to include a dog and a new Burmese cat this summer. After some research (and with my past experience with a […]

Command+Tab Application Switcher – for minimized applications (MAC)

Command+Tab switches between applications.  However, if like me you have minimized the application by hitting the yellow button then the application switcher does not re-open the window.  Add Option to the keys re-opens the minimized window.

Monitor Brightness

One of the problems with judging an image on the monitor is that most monitors are set too bright.  This is especially critical if you want to print the image based on what you see on the monitor.  When the monitor is too bright, it makes the images look brighter and more contrasty then they really are.   When printed, these images viewed on an overly bright monitor tend to look dark or dull and washed out.  To fix this […]

Unhide the Library Directory Mountain Lion

chflags nohidden ~/Library My thanks to:

iOS hotspot how to prevent timeouts

I want to use a iPhone 5 as a wifi hotspot. I turn on hotspot on the iPhone, everything works fine till the device using the hotspot stops using it (close the cover on my iPad for example). When I open the cover of the iPad again, the connection is lost and does not restart automatically. I called Apple, they said the iPhone stops broadcasting the wifi signal after 90 seconds idle time. To prevent this use settings General > […]

Apple IOS 6 Ad Tracking how to turn on

To turn this on in IOS6: Settings > About > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking Be aware the default is “off”.

Rogers – nano sim – ordering one

Obtaining a Nano Sim for Apple iPhone with Rogers. So, by happenstance I was one of the lucky people to successfully place an order and get the phone queued for delivery on Sept 21. Great – but wait what about the sim card? It turns out Rogers now carry the Nano Sims for iPhone.  They are $10 and can be obtained at Rogers Stores.  The Nano Sim is LTE compatible and works with slower speeds as well. Follow the progress […]

Canon Speedlite – Turning on High Speed Sync

To allow the camera to sync the flash at any speed, press the button on the back of the flash with the “Lightning bolt H” symbol.

Web Site – completely updated has been updated to have a more modern look and now accomodates display on iOS devices.  Since Apple is dropping support for their MobileMe photo album service, I have re-designed the photo album from scratch and host it now on my site. I also sorted out all of my images.  Lots more to come for the photos over the next little while. The new site has been produced using CSS3 and HTML5 without using Flash.  Lots of hard work […]

Guidelines for Assessing Image Quality

Here is a link to a 40k word document that describes the current thinking around a draft document to assess and discuss the qualities of an image.  Although specific to photographs, it could probably be used for most two dimensional artwork. Download word doc    

My Experience with Xrite 1Profiler Support

Dec 15 2011 – keep getting error message “Error Creating Profile” (as if that would help anyone).  Called support, got folks that could barely talk.  “Good bye” was not in their vocabulary. Asked to send a Measurement file to then which I did.  Was told I would get a call by next monday. We will see. Tuesday Dec 20:  Wonderful news – I received a reply from x-rite – Oh wait – its a spam Christmas card!  Something I can […]

Fast Way to Paste File Paths for ‘Save As’ or Open Dialogue (Mac only)

Want a fast way to paste a path name on a ‘Save As’ or Open dialogue screen? Problem:  Sometimes I am viewing a directory in one Application such as Finder, but then have to manually enter that path again in another application such as word or pages in order to save to the correct directory. Solutions: Here is a method of transferring that file path using Cut and Paste: 1) In Finder, select the Directory and Command+C (copy) 2) In […]

eSATA, Thunderbolt, USB 3, Firewire, USB 2 – Whats Best

The Computer industry is adopting new interface standards to connect peripheral devices (hard disks, cameras, memory cards, etc.) in order to cope with increased file sizes from such things as new digital imaging technology, video and audio file sizes. USB 2 connections just won’t cut it any longer, they are too slow.  This post discusses the alternatives and applies to both Apple and Windows technology. For anyone with large files, the connection to Hard Disks and external devices (such as […]

Viewing Thumbnails for Camera Raw Images – Windows Explorer

Problem: Can’t see contents of Camera Raw images. When printing images for some Customers, they provide me with JPEGs rather than Camera Raw image files even though their cameras have camera raw capability.  The reason quoted is that Windows does not display the camera raw file thumbnail when using Windows Explorer and thus the camera raw files are too hard to manage.  JPEGS are used instead. Solution: For those on Windows XP or Vista, you can download a Camera Raw […]

Photoshop – Cycling through Layers Blend Modes (shortcut keys)

Want a fast method of checking what each blend mode in the Layers panel looks like without having to manually select each one? Use Shift and the “+” key and the next Blend Mode in the list is applied.  Shift “-” to move back though the list.  Note: if the Paint tool is active, the same keys apply the blend to the Paint tool so ensure other tools are active while using the above keys. Works on a Mac as […]

Mac Red Close Button and Safari Tabs non responsive

For some time both my Macpro and Macbook would have windows that I could not close or Safari would have tabs that I could not close. Turns out the problem is very common and frustrating.  The solution is to change the Double Click speed to something rather high in trackpad preferences. Note: this problem can be reproduced by clicking between the Red and Yellow buttons on the top left of a window.  Those buttons are now non responsive till the […]

NPC Tech Talk – Resolving Common Printing Problems

May 2011 Northumberland Photographic Club presentation including Monitor Brightness test shot.

Marlborough – New Zealand’s finest wine district – NZ Post 3

 We are touring the Marlborough wine country – at the north end of the South Island. NZ’s famous for its ‘young’ Sauvignon Blanc and now we are discovering that although they are still relatively new to wine making, they are also producing some quite fine Chardonnays and older ‘oaked’ Sauvignon Blanc. One of our favorite vineyards has been Cloudy Bay, which is very large, and today we discovered Seresin – a very small organic vineyard, both have wines available in […]

New Zealand Post 2

Wed Feb 23 – Martinborough NZ – North Island We arrived at our hotel yesterday afternoon to discover the small town quite distressed by the earthquake in Christchurch several hundred km to our south.  We are currently near the south end of the North Island.  Christchurch is somewhat near the north end of the South Island,  and really not that far away, however we did not feel the earthquake. Needless to say we have been affected by how much this […]

New Zealand Post 1 – Monday Feb 21

Weather in New Zealand continues to be fabulous – mid 20s with refreshing sea breezes, bright days with cloud cover off in the distance, but sunny overhead. We are ‘tramping’ (day hiking) the North island, making our way from Aukland to the ‘Northland’ (Paihia) followed by a return to Aukland and a swing around the Coromandel Peninsula and then into the central thermal area around Rotorua. Next we are off to the east coast at Napier, an art deco town, […]

Photography of Original Artwork

I continue to expand my Photographic and Printing services and now can copy original artwork such as canvas, acrylic/oils, photographs, sculpture, family heirloom, jewelry etc. Details Retouching and colour balancing is also available.

Northumberland Photography Club – Article 3, January 2011

This is the third and final article of the series, and deals with Output (see links below for previous articles).  To recap the steps as described so far: images would be catalogued, noise reduced and some sharping would be performed to eliminate issues inherent with digital photography.  Any artistic editing should also be completed (ideally on a colour balanced monitor) and the image would then be ready for output, usually for display on a web site or for print.  The […]

Northumberland Photography Club – Article 2, December 2010

This is the second in a series of articles discussing methods of organizing work flow to prevent rework, improve quality by maintaing image resolution and colour detail throughout the life cycle of the image.  Article 1 dealt with image capture and file management and can be downloaded at: Workflow After importing an image from the camera into a cataloging system, the next steps are: Rate / Cull Image Adjustment and Editing Create Working Copies for various types of Output […]

2D Bar Codes

I have just added three new QR Codes to my web site.  What are QR Codes.  They look like this: The purpose is to allow smartphone users the ability to quickly link to my web site or download my contact information quickly from these ‘bar code’ type symbols on print media. It puts a modern twist on print marketing – since displaying the code on my business card (or even price tags) allows people to quickly jump to my web […]

I found this site which was recommended by Chris Orwig.  It deals with Digital Asset Management for Photographers.

Northumberland Photography Club Article 1 – November 2010

I was asked to prepare a set of articles for the Northumberland Photography Club – ON.   I entitled the series: Save, Find, Edit, Output These articles will discuss how to organize files so that you can find them again, deal with backup and recovery so images are not forever lost, basic editing workflow and finally preparing for output,  including colour management. Let’s start with the first step: saving those image files.  When doing so, there really is no ‘best […]

Fine Art (Giclée) Printing

I now offer high quality large format professional printing (Giclée prints).  This includes: Archival quality photo printing using Epson’s finest professional printer : Epson 7900 Full on site editing and re-touching services (while you wait, by appointment if desired) Up to 24 wide by any length, roll or cut sheet paper Advanced image processing – image detailing, colour profiling/corrections, proofing, noise reduction, sharpening Large print sizes using up to 24″ roll paper (24″ x any other size) Epson UltraChrome HDR […]

Mac Mail Attachments – Use icon rather than preview

Mac Mail uses its own guidleines for whether an attachment should display inline or as an icon. To always use an icon:   For Snow Leopard:  In Spotlight type: “terminal” and select the terminal application.  The Terminal window will open, and in that window type: defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes exit Close the Terminal window, restart mail.  Try dragging a PDF into an email, you should see an icon rather than a quickview.   For Lion: In Spotlight type: […]

Sending Mac Mail to Windows Users (How To)

Several folks at the Northumberland Photography club (NPC) including myself, were having problems when their images appeared very small when projected at club events.  As well, some Windows  users were not able to detach imbedded images sent by Mac Mail Users.  This depended on which version of Outlook the Windows users had.   Mac users can get around these problems using the following instructions:Mac Mail to Windows User Instructions Note: when sending mail to Windows users, it is always necessary […]

Float you Fanny down the Ganny (Port Hope ON)

Everyone had a ball at the Ganaraska river, Port Hope – 2010 event “Float your Fanny down the Ganny”.  I went with the Northumberland Photography Club and shot these pictures.

How to Synchronize Notes from Mac to iPhone

Its handy to have a note created on either a Mac or iPhone transfer to the other device using Synchronization.  For now Apple appears to rely on iTunes (not Mobile Me) to manage this or you can search for 3rd party tools.  Here is how to do it in iTunes. Create Note from a Mac: Use Mail application > File > New Note.  Create the contents of the note in any manner you wish.  Loading an address actually opens the […]

How Sharp is that Lens

In order to determine how sharp a new lens is before purchasing or to  compare the sharpness of different lenses,  you can use an MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) chart provided by lens manufacturers.  Here is how to read an MTF chart. Note, this is a full explanation, a shorter version was published in the Northumberland Photography Club March Newsletter.

Owl Image 1 – Rice Lake

I have been trying to get some owl shots for a while now and while hiking on March 8 2010 we walked right past this guy.   We took over 200 shots with a simple point and shoot Fuji. See

Wild Life and Fine Art posted to PhotoGallery

See Photo Gallery

Quebec City Photos Loaded

From our Sept 2009 trip.

Throughput of WD My Book Studio Edition II – 4TB

WD My Book Studio Edition II 62.6 Megabytes (MB) per second using Firewire 800.

Welcome to WordPress Blog

Blog moved from Blogger after they dropped support for FTP access to self hosted sites. Now back hosting this Blog on my own site to retain control over indexing.

How to build a quality Digital Audio System

After having several false starts, we finally figured out how to build a quality audiophile digital music system that met the following requirements: One place to store all of our music – including 400 CDs Multi room control of music selection, on/off and volume control of audio equipment Portability of music library- automobiles and cottage Reliably  Ease of Use Backup / Restore capability for computer issues See article of how to build it and our our real life experiences between iTunes and Windows […]

Mountain River NWT – Cloud Photos now on Photo Gallery

Shot in 1989 on a wilderness canoe trip in the NWT with Black Feather – finally got them scanned in and published  on my photo library. Mountain River – Clouds

Epson R1900 Printer – Paper Jams

Just got a new Epson printer – 13 x 19 inch paper.  I am pleased with the quality but it jams about 95% of the time when using large paper in the single sheet feeder at the very back.  After waisting a lot of paper ($69 for 20 sheets) I finally called Epson. They were reasonable, after 42 minutes on the phone they suggested I return the printer for an exchange. OK – so lets see if they live up […]

Spyder3Pro – How to Calibrate the Screen

If like me you have a LCD screen with manual RGB settings (such as a DELL2408 / DELL2407) don’t follow the Spyder 3 Pro instructions (minimal as they are) since you will waste a lot of time and negate the real benefits of the Sypder tool. After contacting  datacolor support they said to do the following: In the Spyder3Pro software, GO > Edit Display Information … > Turn off the RGB control (basically tell the software you don’t have any […]

First Blog Entry

This is my first blog entry initially entered Dec 2008